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Eric Forsyth; Ph.D., CMAA

Thesis Advisor

Brett Bahr, Importance of Campus Recreation in the College Decision-Making Process of First-Year Students at Bemidji State University. 

Troy Berneking, Factors That Influence Attendance at NCAA Division II Men's and Women's Basketball Games. 

Jacob Bluhm, Factors Influencing Spectators to Attend Men's and Women's Ice Hockey Games at Bemidji State University. 

Barry Boevers, A Comparison of Performance Characteristics Between Midsize, Oversize and Long Body Racquetball Racquets in Beginning Men Racquetball Players. 

Jeff Chandler, Sponsoring American Legion Baseball: A Look at the Incentives of Companies to Sponsor Their Local American Legion Baseball Teams.

John Cleaver, Performance Criteria Used By NCAA DIII Athletic Directors to Evaluate Head Coaches

Marty Costello, A Study to Determine the Effectiveness of a Tight End. 

Shannon Currier, The Effect of a One-Back Versus a Two-Back Offense on Yards Gained Per Play.

Brad Folkestad, A Study to Determine How NCAA Division II Athletic Directors View Their School's Sports Information Directors.

Chris Gregor, Roles Of Senior Woman Administrators in a NCAA DII College Athletic Department

Brian Hook, One-Back and Two-Back Offensive Sets Among NCAA Division IA Schools That Competed in Bowl Games During the 2005 Season. 

Ross LaDue, Use of Social Media in NCAA Athletics Media Relations

Marc Lafleur, A Study to Determine the Economic Impact of the BSU Men's College Hockey Program. 

Adam McArthur, The Effects of Today's Economy on Minnesota High School Sports

Doug Peters, A Study to Compare Factors That Influence Male Basketball Players to Attend Schools in the Midwest Region. 

Richelle Richardson, Comparing Sport Consumer Motivations Among Women's Volleyball and Soccer Matches at Bemidji State University. 

David Rolling, Incentives of Companies in Bemidji to Sponsor the Bemidji State University Athletic Program. 

Mark Smith, A Descriptive Study Identifying Stress Factors That Influence Burnout Among NCAA Division I, II, and III Head Football Coaches. 

Aaron Vlcko, The Economic Impact of Bemidji State University Football on the Community of Bemidji.  Received 1999 Outstanding Graduate Research Award. 

Wray Wright, Factors That Influence College Choice Among NCAA Division II Football Recruits.

Committee Member

Duane Biehn, The Role of Campus Recreation in College Student Retention. Candidate for 2003 Outstanding Graduate Research Award.

Jason Boersma, An Analysis of Throwing Velocity.

James Carlson, A Study of Weight Gain and Its Relationship to Success in High School Wrestlers.

Nathan Cermak, The Effect of An In-Season Strength Training Program on Throwing Velocity of High School baseball Players.

Chris Citowicki, Leadership Qualities of women soccer coaches.

William Crews, The Effects of Three Taping Techniques on Rear Foot Movement.

Melanie DeBay, Participation Levels and Perceived Constraints to Participate in Campus Recreational Activities.

Damian Droessler, A Retrospective Study of Preseason Testing Results Between Starters and Non-Starters on an NCAA Division II Football Program.

Reid Ferrin, The Role of the NFL Chaplain: A Case Study.

Kelly Fiala, A Survey of Team Physicians on Participation Status of Hemophiliacs in Division I Athletics. Received2001 Outstanding Graduate Research Award.

Steve Golas, Study to Determine the Effects of Soccer Goal Keeper Jersey Coloration on Field Player Shot Location.

Rebekah Hessinger, Differences in Athletic Identity Among the Sports at Bemidji State University.

Gordie Haug, Comparing Effectiveness of Quarterback Runs to Running Back Runs within Bemidji State's Offense.

Chad Kragh, The Effects of Sleep Deprivation on Physical Performance.

Dean Larimer, The Title IX Experience In An Upper Midwest School District: A Case Study.

Neil Linhart, Comparison Between Spread and Traditional Offenses Among NCAA DI Bowl Teams.

Kate McArther, The Effects of Combined Recovery Methods on Collegiate DI Female Soccer Players.

Wendy McManus, Factors That Influence Division II Female Volleyball Players Choice of a University / Program.

Brent Miller, A Study to Examine the Potential of Both a Performance Impression Cue and a Personality Impression Cue in the Prediction of Athletic Performance in the Sport of Football.

Ben Morie, A Study to Determine Whether or Not the Bemidji State Football Team Simulates Similar Energy Expenditures Exerted in Practice as Compared to Game Competition.

Susan Ninham, Variations of Roles Among Iroquois and Ojibwe Women Relative to Health Practices.

Danielle Olson, Study to Determine the Prevalence of Hazing Among Men's and Women's NAIA and NCAA Division II Athletic Programs.

Aaron Rassett, A Study to Determine the Prevalence of Supplement Use Among Northern Sun Intercollegiate Conference Division II Football Players.

Heather Roberts, Effect of a Coach Directed Goal Setting Program On Goal and Implementation Strategy Frequency Effectiveness.

John Schumacher, High School Basketball Players Attitude Towards Drinking Alcohol.

Jason Soblick, Creating a Defense Sheet for Basketball.

Brian Spielbauer, Comparison of Shooting Percentages in Basketball.

Shawn Stimmel, Physiological Changes in Male, NCAA Division II Collegiate Basketball Players During a Season.

Becky Stewart, Key Components of the Women's Coaching Academy That Contribute to Retention of Women Coaches at NCAA Institutions.

John Szwaja, A Study to Determine the Influence of a Six-Week Anaerobic Workout Program Would Have on the Peak Vertical Jump Height of Basketball Players.

Charles Tetrault, A Study to Determine the Effects of Heavy vs. Light Load Power Cleans on Vertical Jump Improvement.

Karen Wegge, An Examination of Burnout Among Current Wisconsin High School Head Varsity Girls Basketball Coaches.  Candidate for 2002 Outstanding Graduate Research Award.

Rita Weiman, A Study Regarding the Relationship Between Functionality and Exercise Identity in Older Adults.

University Member

Lynda Beard, Social Communication Skills of the Child With Autism.

Brian Heller, Prevention of Adolescent Obesity.

Robert Nudell, Does TV Viewing Effect Reading Achievement.

Joanne Scott, Creating and Implementing A Student Club Manual in the Community College.

Janet Spreiter, The Use of Rewards for Improving Behavior With Students With Disabilities.

Marilyn Sugden, The Use of Prediction Strategies for Increasing Comprehension With Individuals With Autism.

Laura Sylvester, Lifelong Physical Fitness

Graduate Representative

Diane Boback, The Inadequate Training and the Lack of Preparedness of Staff for the Inclusion of Special Needs Students in the Classroom.

Keith Brakke, Options for Improving the Placement Process in Developmental Mathematics Courses at a Two-Year Community and Technical College.

Linson Chamakkala, Using Six Sigma Methodology to Reduce the Dimensional Variation of Input Shafts.

Michelle Dodds, Where Can Middle School Mathematics Teachers Find a Successful Curriculum That Prepares Their Students for the 21st Century.

Andrea Cortes Eastland, Best Practices for Teaching Science in Spanish to a Population of Spanish and English Language.

Tania Eichhorst, Perspectives on the Status of Tech Prep.

Andrea Feia, Evaluations of D-Dimer Assays and the Investigation of D-Dimer False Positives.

Elaine Fleming, Use of the Anishinabe Oral Tradition in the Development of Oral Language of Anishinabe Students.

Heidi Hansen, The Effects of the Use of Dynamic Geometry Software on Student Achievement and Interest.

Sondra Leigh Gudmundson, You Eat the Almond, I'll Eat the Joy: Mindfulness, Self-Efficacy, and Eating Behavior in a Non-Clinical College Sample.

Beth Jensen, Simulating the Face-to-Face Component of Blended Learning in the Online Classroom.

Joshua Kragthorpe, Stream Periphyton Responses to Large Woody Debris Dams Within Multiple Geomorphologic and Hydrologic Landscapes in Western Upper Peninsula of Michigan, USA.

William Larson, How Effective Are Currently Used Standards of Assessment in Evaluating the Mentor / Mentee Programs.

Rebecca Lundgren, Gangs: The Minnesota Connection.

Jane Norman, Homophobia in Schools.

Sarah Elizabeth Rosales, Benefits of Implementing Science Notebooks.

Hiroki Uematsu, Financial Risk of the Working Land Conservation Programs: Minnesota as a Case Study.

Ann-Marie K. Vossler, The Educational Effects of Recess.

Miriam J. White, The Journey From Learned Helplessness to a Self-Initiated Learner.

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