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Eric Forsyth; Ph.D., CMAA

SPORT MANAGEMENT: Undergraduate Program

I have the best job in the world, and the best students in my classes.

Introduction to Sport Management

Average student rating last 5-years: 4.4 (5.0 scale)

This course will help and assist the prospective sport management major to discover specialized training personnel positions in the rapidly growing sport management field.  Concentration will be on duties and tasks performed, and the competencies needed for a career in sport management.  Students will conduct a formal interview with a professional to further discuss the duties, tasks and competencies needed for that professional's field of work.

Socio-Culture & Ethical Issues in Sport

Average student rating last 5-years: 4.5 (5.0 scale)

Study of the general relationship between individuals and sport, and sport and society.  Discussions over the ways sport is linked to other spheres of social life, the organization and behavior patterns of both individuals and groups within sport settings, and the cultural, structural, and situational factors affecting sport and sport experiences.

Sport Business Management

Average student rating last 5-years: 4.3 (5.0 scale)

Study of the structures and processes of sport organizations.  Topics covered will be: definitions, management theories, functions of management, organizational behavior and structure, dimensions of structure, and human resource management.  In addition, this course will take a close look at concepts of morality, professional ethics, social responsibility, personal and management values, and how to develop a professional code of ethics. 

Sport Economics


Average student rating last 5-years: 4.5 (5.0 scale)

This course provides the an understanding of theories and concepts related to economics of sport. Topics covered include economic growth of the sport industry, concepts of competitive strategy, economic impact principles, economic theory applied to various levels of sport, labor relations, stadium and arenas, venues and events, manufacturing and service industries, and impact of media.

Sport Finance

Average student rating last 5-years: 4.4 (5.0 scale)

This course will provide the student an understanding of theories and concepts used in financial resource management for the operation of programs in both public and private sectors of sport. Topics include ethical concerns, decision making, principles of budgeting, budget development, financial statements, spread sheet utilization, and sources of revenue for financing sport.

Sport Management Practices

A study of skills, roles, and functions of sport managers in managing people, the workplace, and day-to-day operations.  Topics covered will be: definitions, motivational theories, time management, effective decision-making and problem-solving, leadership theories, personal styles of leadership, and skills and competencies of sport leaders.  In addition, students will gain practical experience in the organization and administration of sporting events or related area.  Students will have the opportunity to share their practical experiences to the class. 

Sport Marketing

Average student rating last 5-years: 4.5 (5.0 scale)

Study of fundamental marketing principles utilized in sport. Topics include definitions, marketing planning process, goals and objectives of marketing, marketing mix, segmentation, target markets, consumer behavior, sponsorship, endorsement, merchandising, fundraising, print media and mass communication.

Sport Management Internships

Sport management majors are required to complete a 400-hour field experience that is relevant to their career goals.  The internship needs to provide an opportunity for the student to apply the different theories and concepts learned from class in a practical setting through: observation, planning, decision-making, committee work, leadership, operation management, individual and group projects. 

Graduate Course

I enjoy working with graduate students, and they sure challenge you to stay sharp.

Leadership Training Workshop

This workshop has been designed to allow athletic administrators throughout the country to earn academic credit through Bemidji State University for leadership training courses completed during the NIAAA National Conference or respective state conferences. 

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