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Eric Forsyth; Ph.D., CMAA




Blackburn, M., Forsyth, E., Olson, J. and Whitehead, B. (2013). NIAAA's Guide to Interscholastic Athletic Administration. Champaign, IL: Human Kinetics, 392 pages.

Sponsorship Guide


Forsyth, E. (2001). The Sponsorship Connection: A Practical Guide for High School Athletic Directors and Coaches. Fayetteville, AR: Athletic World Advertising. 

Leadership Training

LTC 511

Served as a consultant in the development of a new leadership training text titled "Strategies & Principles of Budget Management and Supplemental Funding for Interscholastic Athletics."


Note: This new text was first offered at the NIAAA Conference in December, as well as state association conferences in fall 2003. Since its first inception, this original text eventually became two-split texts; Interscholastic Athletic Budget Concepts and Supplemental Fund-Raising & Concepts and Strategies for Interscholastic Marketing, Promotions & Fundraising.

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