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Eric Forsyth; Ph.D., CMAA


Forsyth, E. (2005).  Interscholastic Sport Sponsorships: Developing, Implementing, and Sustaining Business Partnerships

Stromstad, D., Hamre, T. & Forsyth, E. (2005).  Youth Sport: A Comparison Between the United States and Europe. 
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Forsyth, E. (2004). Why is There Less Attention on Interscholastic Sport Sponsorships? 

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FSU 1997

Forsyth, E. (1997).  Sponsoring High School Athletic Programs: The Effects of Organizational Characteristics, Buying Center Characteristics, and Organizations' Sense of Social Responsibility

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GSBA 2017



Forsyth, E. (2017). Current Issues in Interscholastic Sports.

NAASM 2001

Rolling, D. & Forsyth, E. (2001).  A Study to Determine the Incentives of Companies Sponsoring the Bemidji State University Athletics Program

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NASSM 1999

Forsyth, E. & Rolling, D. (1999).  The Decision-Making Process of Local Sponsorships

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NASSM 1998

Forsyth, E. (1998).  Do Companies Really Care to Sponsor High School Athletic Programs? 


Forsyth, E. (1998).  The Decision Criteria Companies Use to Rate High School Athletic Sponsorship Proposals


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SMA 2006

Forsyth, E. (2006).  Contemporary Issues Facing Interscholastic Sports: Marketing Implications for Athletic Directors

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SMA 2003

Forsyth, E. (2003). Interscholastic Sport Sponsorships: Developing Comprehensive Business Partnerships

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Forsyth, E. (2007).  Interscholastic Sports: Convenient & Inconvenient Truths.


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